Ranger Killed Trying to Protect Villagers

Karen State, Burma

21 May 2023

Dear friends and family,

We are sorry to report that yesterday, 21 May 2023, one of our rangers, Saw Traw Sher, was killed as he tried to protect villagers in Thaton District, Karen State, Burma. He was just 30 years old.

Saw Traw Sher joined FBR in 2015 and served for over eight years until his death. He distinguished himself in the relief team training as an eager, able, and hard-working ranger. He returned to his area of Thaton District to help his people and serve FBR. There he proved to be a highly competent relief provider and security lead. He was calm under all kinds of pressure and was very brave, even under fire. He was killed when he was hit by a 40mm grenade fired from a Burma Army M79 grenade launcher. His actions helped slow the advance of the Burma Army but he lost his life in doing so. We will help his family as best we can. I know this is not good news but we are thankful that we can share our loss with you.

Thank you for caring for Saw Traw Sher, his family, and all the people here. 

Thank you and God bless you,

Free Burma Rangers

Saw Traw Sher.
Saw Traw Sher’s family at his funeral.