Human Rights & Conflict Monitoring

Human Rights & Conflict Monitoring is a key part of the mission of the Free Burma Rangers. FBR’s network exists throughout Burma and has access to many areas that journalists or conflict monitors cannot normally reach. Through this network, FBR is able to obtain eye-witness testimony, video and photographic proof, and interviews on some of the most pressing news affecting Burma. All of FBR’s teams are equipped with video and photographic cameras, as well as reporting books, computers and communications devices.

Subjects Covered & Reported-On

  • Military Offensives and Attacks
  • Human Rights Abuses
  • Labor Rights Abuses
  • Land Confiscation
  • Environmental Destruction
  • Status of Health and Welfare
  • Status of Education
  • Drug Production and Markets
  • Military Movements
  • Ceasefire Monitoring
  • Instances of Communal Violence
  • Instances of Military or State Violence

Stopping a War

It is the intention of FBR to continue to utilize its recorded information for the pursuit of truth, justice and reconciliation in Burma. In the winter of 2012, the military of Burma began an offensive in Kachin state. Airstrikes, in a new and shocking development, were later reported but largely denied by the government of Myanmar. FBR teams visited the scene and obtained video proof of the denied airstrikes, showing the use of planes and helicopter gunships were being used against rebel forces and in areas with large concentrations of civilians. The reports and international pressure resulting partially from the FBR videos caused the government of Burma to admit that airstrikes were taking place and temporarily halt the attacks.