FBR Aviation

FBR Aviation

Bringing Help, Hope and Love

“The purpose of Free Burma Rangers Aviation is to share the love of Jesus in any way we can through the use of aircraft.

FBR Aviation provides medical and evangelistic relief and inspiration
to people in need.

FBR Aviation is for the joy of flying and the inspiration it gives people to know that God’s gift of aviation is for the good of everyone, including the oppressed.” 

– David Eubank, Founder of Free Burma Rangers

Our Aviation Journey

Free Burma Rangers Aviation exists to support the work of FBR in conflict areas of Burma. Our goal extends to providing reliable medevac and relief personnel transport throughout the Southeast Asia region.

Aviation has been in the heart of Free Burma Rangers for many years. In 2012, our ethnic Rangers began parachute training at a local Thai airfield. In 2014, our program took a big step forward when FBR sent Kittikoon, a young man from the Karen ethnic minority group of Burma, to Alaska for flight training with Kingdom Air Corps. When KAC donated our Cessna 172 in 2016, our flight department was officially off the ground with an aircraft of our own.

Since that time we have been working on registration and developmental paperwork to establish a registered flight program in Thailand. The 172 was successfully registered to our organization in 2019!

​We are excited about how God is moving on our behalf as we pursue His vision for FBR Aviation and how our program can bring help, hope, and love to the oppressed through the established relief efforts of Free Burma Rangers.

Meet The Team

(Pictured L to R)

Kawsay:  FBR Patient Care Coordinator, student pilot

Matt: US Navy Pilot (retired), commercial pilot

Kittikoon: Vice-president of Free the Oppressed, Commercial Pilot

Titus: Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Instructor, Airframe/Powerplant Mechanic

Zack: Aviation Department Director, Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, Airframe/ Powerplant Mechanic

Scott: (not pictured) US Navy Crew Chief/Mechanic (retired), Airframe/Powerplant Mechanic

FBR Aviation Team

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