In 2014, we were invited to go to help displaced people under attack in Sudan, where the people of the Nuba mountains are suffering under relentless attacks by the dictatorship of Sudan.

We prayed and felt that even though our main work is in Burma, we should try to respond to the request for help by people in need. We felt as if our hearts were spread wider and love for the Nuba people grew there. This feeling was confirmed by friends who provided the assistance needed to get us there with the relief supplies needed to help.

We saw the tremendous value of our ethnic rangers from Burma in Sudan and it seemed to me like God’s mission, bringing oppressed people from Burma to help oppressed people in Sudan – amazing and Spirit-filled. In Sudan we connected spiritually, professionally, emotionally, mentally, and physically, but the ethnic FBR members (Eliya, Ray Kaw and Monkey) connected in a special way with a shared worldview borne of common experiences of resilience under oppression.

We continue as God leads us to help people  in all areas of Burma – those still in active conflict and those in improving areas. We pray that if there is positive change here, our FBR ethnic leaders will show us the way forward. As for other areas in the world, people know of the FBR teams and how they have been a force of good in Burma and recently in Sudan and they want our help. There is a need for people who are willing and able to go into the midst of the attack and help physically and spiritually.   

Our main effort remains Burma, but if God leads us again to go to other places, by His grace we will go.