Global Day of Prayer for Burma, 2021

14 March, 2021

Dear friends,

Thank you for joining us on March 14 for the Day of Prayer for Burma. This year the Burma military has taken power in a coup while increasing its attacks on the ethnic people of Burma. In spite of the killing of protestors in the cities and plains, and the killing and displacement of thousands of ethnic people in the mountains, there is a feeling of solidarity, commitment and hope amongst both Burmans and ethnics. In Karen State, one man told me, “We have to remember God’s grace and mercy. Without God’s mercy we Karen would not exist. And we do not deserve this, as we make many mistakes and sins. It is not just the dictators who do wrong, so do we. But we confess this and thank God for His forgiveness and grace. We may have to flee and suffer much but we will not lose even though the military is stronger. They are wrong and most of the people and God are not for them.”

The ethnic people with us, as well as the Burmans we communicate with in the cities, believe that the dictators cannot win. Please pray with us for the dictators to have a change of heart or that they fall, and Aung San Suu Kyi and all political prisoners are released and there is a new start for everyone. We pray that together the people can build a democratic and truly representative Burma for all people. Please pray that until then the people under attack get the help they need to survive. We also pray that even now the message of forgiveness and reconciliation will be extended to the dictators and Burma military and police. We know that behind the deadly attacks of the military and police against the people of Burma is a deep and formidable evil. This is first of all a spiritual battle. We pray against this evil in the powerful name of Jesus. Thank you for praying with us this Sunday, March 14, wherever you are.

God bless you in Jesus’ name,

Dave, family, the Free Burma Rangers and Christians Concerned for Burma

Global Day of Prayer for Burma, 2021 - video Global Day of Prayer for Burma, 2021 – Video Greeting from the Eubank Family