FBR REPORT: Villagers Forced to Porter for Burma Army. May 2006
850 People Forced to Porter in Support of Burma Army Offensive in Toungoo District, Northwestern KarenState, Burma.
Karen State, Burma
1 June, 2006


Burma Army soldiers (In background) with villagers forced to porter. May 25, 2006

Boy forced to porter for Burma Army. May 25, 2006

Burma Army officer from Div.66 overseeing forced labor. May 25, 2006.

Villagers forced to carry Burma Army supplies. May 25, 2006

Part of the 850 porters demanded by Burma Army. May 25, 2006

Villagers forced to porter for Burma Army. May 25, 2006

Toungoo District, Northwestern Karen State, Burma

In its ongoing violation of human rights, the Burma Army forced 850 villagers from Kaw They Der Village area to carry military supplies from Kaw They Der Village to Naw Soe Burma Army camp. This is in support of a planned attack into eastern Toungoo District and northwestern Muthraw District. The villagers were forced to carry the supplies starting on May 25, 2006, by Burma Army Division 66. The attacks in Toungoo District (which started in February 2006) have displaced over 5,000 people.

Those in hiding have approximately a two month supply of rice remaining and live in constant fear of discovery and attack by the Burma Army. The photos above were taken at great risk by a relief team which is helping the displaced people in this area.
Thank you for your help and prayers.

Free Burma Rangers