FBR: Update from Northern Karen State, Burma
Karen State, Burma
24 January, 2006

Three families, including sick mother, fleeing Burma Army


Burma Army positions above Mawchi


These photos are of a Burma Army soldier and one of the Burma Army positions above Mawchi, Karenni State. Mawchi was one of the bases that the Burma Army deployed from during their recent attacks against civilians in Southern Karenni State. These same units burned the village of Gwe Ga Per, captured, tortured and killed villagers, placed land mines and attempted to kill the family members of the two Karenni families now on the run; described in the story below and in a previous report.

While we were moving out with the family of Sa Nu Nu who were fleeing the Burma Army (see previous report), two more Karenni families from the same village joined us as they also faced death from the Burma Army. The son of one of the families, Saw Naw Ku, had been captured at the same time of Saw Nu Nu and six others. All were tortured and one man killed and decapitated, but Saw Naw Ku managed to escape after Saw Nu Nu escaped. This family of five; Saw Naw Ku, his two young sisters and mother and father were very weak and sick. The mother was vomiting and collapsed as we walked with her. She cried and we could see she was not just physically sick but also very distraught to be leaving her home, farm and homeland. We gave her an IV, prayed with her and rigged a hammock stretcher and carried her on to a safer area. She is now resting at a mobile clinic at which we arrived yesterday and is improving. The three families will be moved as soon as possible to a refugee camp. (Name,ages, occupation and religion of each of these Karenni families fleeing from Pa Haw Ko village.

The family of Sa Nu Nu: Farmers, Christian; Father- Saw Nu Nu, age 38. Mother- Naw Bae Krit age 32, Daughter- Naw Thali Htoo, age 15, 6th grade education, Son-Saw Kler Doh, age 13, 4th grade, Son- Saw Kler Htoo, age 10, 2nd grade, Daughter-Naw Jay Krt Paw, age 7, 1st grade, and youngest child, Daughter-Naw Jay Nay Say age 4.

Family of Saw Ker: Farmers, Christian; Father- Saw Ker, age 40, Mother-Naw Sa Roe (sick) age 38 yrs old, Son- Saw Ku, age 21 (tortured by Burma Army), Daughter-Naw Xx XXX, age years (married and not part of this group- her husband was also tortured by the Burma Army and was too weak to come with the others), Son-Saw Pe Na Ko ae 16 (stayed with his sister to care for his tortured brother in law- husband of Naw A Mu), Daughter- Naw Per Nae Paw, age 14, 4th grade, Daughter- Naw Jay Nae Paw, age 9, 1st grade.

Family of Saw Tha Lae Lo.Farmers, Christian; Father (widower)- Saw Thae Kae Lo, age 36, Mother- passed away three years ago, Son-Saw Tha Wey Wey, age 7, 1st grade, Daughter-Naw Klo Say, 5 years. This family left because the father could not care for his children alone especially in the circumstances they live under.

We thank you all for your care for these people and your prayers.

God bless you,

A relief team leader