Eubank Schedule for Summer 2017


(**are speaking engagements, ^^climbs, TBD are details to be determined. ).


18 June arrive in Seattle, USA in PM
19-22 Rodeo camp, Oroville, WA
22 PM at Lichts in Yakima, WA
**23 AM program at Licht in Yakima, WA, TBD
^^23 PM- climb Pinnacle Peak, Mt. Rainier National Park, WA, TBD
24 Stay at Dawsons, Seabeck, WA
**25 Speak at am Sunday services at Snoqualmie Valley Alliance, Falls City, WA and in the PM at Ignite Church , Yelm WA. Stay at Halls
26 fly to Washington D.C. Stay at Litton family
**27 -29- D.C. meetings,TBD
30 am fly to MA meet Millers
30 Miller family in New Hampshire


1-2 July with Miller family in NH
3 to 5 July am in Boston area with Jon B
5 to Baltimore with Pastor Tae
6-7 To VA, Kling family and OLN
8 stay at Green Frog, Bells, TN, with Freeman family
**9 AM church with Freeman family and PM program, Jackson, TN, TBD
10-11 Kyle Lamb
11-12 Missouri, Kansas and on to Colorado
13- Colorado Springs,stay at Geisz family
**14-16 Free The Oppressed Board meeting
^^17 Climb in Colorado Pikes Peak or other, TBD
18 10 AM EIG meetings
**19 PM Colorado Mountain Club,
PM with Hsin family, Broomfield, CO.
20 Hsin family
21 to ABQ, NM
**22 PM Calvary Chapel ABQ, NM
** 23 AM “ “
**24 am with Reload Love (CCABQ) and then-to stay with Diegelmans, Hurricane, UT
**25 PM speak at Calvary Chapel St. George and Calvary Chapel Hurricane, UT, TBD
^^26 AM canyoneering Zion NP and then on to Idaho Falls, ID, Pierce family
27 Idaho Falls, ID, Pierce family
28 Jackson, WY
29 PM Jackson rodeo then drive to Cody, WY
30 -31Kids compete at Cody rodeo


1-3 August Cody rodeo
3 PM to Tetons
^^4-6 climb Tetons
6 PM drive to Pierce home, ID Falls
7-8 to WA
^^ and 8-11WA climb and meetings, TBD
12 arrive AK, stay at Arnolds
**13 AM Clearwater Church? TBD
14-17th Anchorage and Palmer-meetings, TBD
18-25th Port Alsworth-Stay at Alsworths
**20 AM Lake Clark Bible Church, Port Alsworth
25th fly back to Anchorage
26 drive to Fairbanks
**27th AM church in Fairbanks TBD
28th Drive back to Talkeetna and then on to Kingdom Air, Sutton, AK
28-30 Kingdom Air
**30th PM Glacier View Bible Church, TND
31 with Lee’s at Victory


1- 2 with Lee’s at Victory
**3 AM Anchorage church TBD
PM fly to WA
4th Pack, jump and drive to OR
5th drive to Moraga Valley, stay with Perkins family
**6th PM program at Moraga Valley PC, TBD then drive to Saratoga to stay with Debbie Chase (Gordon Young’s daughter) Gordon Young memorial
7th AM at Debbie’s
PM to Morro Bay, stay with Walsh family
8th AM Morro Bay surf with Walshes
9th Nolands, San Luis Obispo
**10-11 Santa Barbara
12-19 Malibu area stay with Kellers
**14 PM 1St Christian Church, Pas.&Montevista Grove, @ Montevista Grove, Pasadena, CA,TBD
**17 AM Malibu Presbyterian Church, Malibu , CA
**20th 7PM service Calvary Chapel Murrieta , CA
21 AM Murrieta
22-23 Malibu area
**24 AM LaCanada Presbyterian Church, LaCanada, CA
PM Karen Church, Bakersfield, CA, TBD
25-28 stay with HuesbysPhoenix, AZ
29- 30 to Midland , TX


**1 AM Ist Presbyterian Church, Midland, TX, TBD
2 Waco, TX
3 AM program Antioch Church, Waco
PM at Antioch Church, College Station, TX, TBD
4-5 PM New Life Fellowship Church, Houston, TX, TBD
6-8 Wimberley, TX
**8 AM Church at both Cypress Creek Church and Chapel in the Hills
9 Dallas, TX
10 AM Dallas
PM drive to WA
10-14 drive to WA
**15 AM Steilacoom Community church, Steilacoom, WA TBD
16 Seabeck, WA
17 Fly to Thailand

Thank you and God bless you , Dave, Karen, Sahale, Suu and Peter Eubank. Pvb 3:5-6


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