FBR REPORT: Shan Relief Team Training
Shan State, Burma
May, 2011

Dear Friends,

On May 3rd, 2011 four new Shan relief teams completed their training in southern Shan State, Burma. The training, conducted by Karen, Karenni, Kachin and Shan Free Burma Ranger trainers, covered subjects including reporting, medical care, land navigation, Global Positioning System (GPS), video and digital still cameras, leadership and the Good Life Club program for women and children, along with other subjects used by relief teams while in the field serving their people.

FBR Shan Team Training

In this part of Shan State, people continue to suffer from the oppression and misrule of Burma’s dictators. Forced labor and extortion are commonplace as the Burma Army and its proxies have almost complete control. People have little access to medical facilities and usually not enough to pay for what is available. Drug dependence and the associated problems are also frequently seen as the Burma Army has continued to use the production of narcotics to fuel its anti-insurgency campaign, and many villagers have found it difficult to survive growing anything else. As we interviewed a family that was forced to leave their home they told us how the Burma Army forced them to work on military installations leaving the family no time to grow any crops for themselves.

The father told how he was making charcoal when the Burma Army came upon him and told him to give them tax for the charcoal. The father told them that he had not sold any of the charcoal yet and did not have any money. The soldiers beat him and cracked his head open. This happened to him on three different occasions.

As a part of their training the new Shan teams went into a nearby village to conduct a Good Life Program. They treated 115 villagers, interviewed locals, played games and sang songs with the children.

Good Life Club with Shan children
FBR team member leading games during GLC
Tug of war during a GLC

We thank all of you who continue to make this work possible, and we ask that you continue to stand with the people of Burma and the courageous young men and women who have committed their lives to serving those in need. We also want to thank Partners Relief and Development for their support of the Good Life Club (GLC) program to the Shan people.

Thank you and God bless you,

The Free Burma Rangers

The training courses included:

  • Ethnic Unity
  • Leadership Principles
  • Map Reading and Drawing
  • Compass Reading
  • Land Navigation
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) use
  • Landmine Removal
  • Swimming and Lifesaving
  • Solar Power and Battery Management
  • Human Rights Violations Recording and Reporting
  • Operation Order Writing
  • SALUTE reporting
  • General Reporting
  • Counseling
  • Medical Training
  • Poncho Raft
  • Rappelling
  • One Field Training Exercise
  • Physical Training
  • Rope Bridge Building
  • Good Life Club Training
  • Icom Radio
  • Interview
  • Hand and Arm Signals
  • Media
  • Law of War
  • Security
  • Video and Photography