Front Line Relief

Front Line Relief is one of the principle components of the actions performed by the Free Burma Rangers. FBR operates by equipping and empowering small teams with the skills and tools necessary to perform relief missions under any circumstances. The result of this decentralized strategy leads to more pinpointed aid adjusted to the needs of individual communities in some of the most rural areas of the countries in which FBR operates. In this regard, FBR’s unofficial guiding principle is: do not be led by comfort or fear, but be led by love.

FBR operates under any and all difficult conditions: in the jungles of Burma, deserts of Sudan or the mountains of Kurdistan. Ranger teams fill an aid gap where humanitarian relief is often needed most. Ranger teams are trained in a variety of different transportation methods and can carry items by foot, car, mule, or boat, depending on the mission.

Composition of an FBR Relief Team

  • Team Leader: Helps plan and coordinate missions. In charge of arranging mission security and relaying information to headquarters staff.
  • Medic: Takes care of all medical aspects of mission including: immediate patient care, patient referral, jungle medicine, and medical counseling.
  • Photographer: Takes photographs of mission activity, events and locations.
  • Videographer: Takes video of mission activity, events and locations.
  • Good Life Club Counselor: Coordinates and conducts Good Life Club events in areas visited by FBR team. Is principally in charge of helping the psychological and spiritual situation of the areas visited by the Free Burma Rangers.

Types of Relief Given

  • Performing medical clinics
  • Buying and transporting food to areas in need
  • Distributing clothing, particularly in situations where environmental conditions warrant it
  • Purchasing school supplies
  • Performing Good Life Club programs to encourage and teach
  • Escorting the internally displaced to internally displaced camps and other refugee locations

Large Scale Relief Operations

FBR does conduct some large scale relief operations. If the need arises FBR will outfit larger operations in conjunction with multiple teams in order to maximize the amount of aid given.