Burma Map 2009-09-09 Map of Burma showing different ethnic states.
Burma Army Units Operating in Northern Karen State 2007-12-07 This map shows the current Burma Army units operating in northern Karen State as of early December 2007. There are currently at least 13 division-size units active in this area. There were 9 active division-size units at the height of the offensive in 2006, when more than 25,000 villagers were displaced by Burma Army attacks.
Map of Burma Army camps, attacks, and IDP’s in Nyaunglebin District 2007-11-24 From report: Burma Army Shoots and Kills Two People, Villager Steps on Mine, Hundreds Remain in Hiding
Current Burma Army Units and New Attacks, Nov. 2007 Northern Karen State 2007-11-22 From report: New Burma Army Attack Displaces more than 300 People, Including at least 100 Children
Burma Army and proxy armies in Karenni State 2007-11-12 From report: Southwest Karenni State, Burma Report with Map
Situation Map, 29 October 2007 2007-10-29 From report: Burma Army Kills 2 Villagers
Shoots and wounds 9 people including 13 and 18-year-old girls during attacks during harvest from 24 to 29 October, 2007
Burma Army attacks on Yaw Kee and Hti Blah, October 2007 2007-10-17 From the report: Burma Army Shoots Two Women, Burns Down Homes, and Forces More Than 130 People into Hiding
Map of Southern Shan State 2007-09-21 From the report: Rape, Narcotics and Oppression in Shan State, Burma
Situation Map, 22 August 2007 2007-08-22 Burma Army Attacks in Northern Karen State, August 2007
Area of Heaviest Burma Army Activity in Karen State, 2006 and 2007 2007-08-09 Burma Army Kills 5 Villagers and Forces 223 More Into Hiding
Areas attacked and overrun by Burma Army in April 2007 2007-04-20 Areas attacked and overrun by Burma Army troops in April 2007
Burma Army attack in Dooplaya District, Karen State 2007-03-12 Burma Army attack in Dooplaya District, Karen State
Over 4,000 Newly Displaced;
Burma Army burns down a fifth village in Northern Papun District, Karen State, Eastern Burma
2007-03-03 Area under attack and route of partially completed road
Situation Map, 26 February 2007 2007-02-25 Burma Army Attacks and Mortars Villages, Destroys Property, Extorts Villagers’ Property and Continues to Re-Supply Camps in Northern Karen State
Situation Map: 1 Nov 2006 2006-11-01 New Map of Areas of Displacement, Burma Army Camps and People Under Attack

Northern Karen State, Burma. 1 Nov 06

Situation Map: Nov 1 2006 2006-10-31 Burma Army Offensive Karen State, Eastern Burma. Nov 1 2006
Situation Map: 23 June, 2006 2006-06-23 map of Burma Army attacks in northern Karen State, Burma which have displaced over 18,000 people since they began in February 2006
Situation Map: 14 March 2006 2006-03-14 Burma Army Launches New Attacks in Western and Northern Karen States
Situation Map: 2 January 2006 2006-01-02 Burma Army burns a village, and displaces over 1,200 people in attacks against villages and IDP hide sites in Southern Karenni State. Update Jan. 2, 2006
Sit. Map: 19 October 2005 2005-10-19 Burma Army attacks September/October 2005
Map of Mon Township, Nyaunglebin District 11/04/2008 Burma Army troops from MOC 21 are now attacking with two battalions in northern Mon Township and two battalions in central Mon Township. These attacks have resulted in 12 villages being abandoned, with homes destroyed and looted.