Loss of a Ranger: Kyaw Gyi

20 March 2024

Karen State, Burma

Dear friends,

We are very sad to report the loss of another Ranger killed by the Burma Army. His name was Kyaw Gyi and he was 31 years old. He was from Bago and was the youngest of four. He was single and went through the Ranger training two years ago, where his main focus was leading Good Life Club (GLC) programs for children and families. He was a constantly-smiling member of the team and an excellent GLC leader who made everyone laugh.

After the coup in 2021, he joined the civil disobedience movement to stand against the oppression of the dictators. After that he volunteered to become a Free Burma Ranger and do humanitarian work. He was killed 20 March 2024, by the Burma Army in Toungoo District, northern Karen State, Burma. My son Peter was close to him and has many memories of running GLC programs together. When Pete heard he was killed, he said, “Dad, Kyaw Gyi was my friend. He was a great actor and was always smiling and funny. I am so sorry. This is terrible.”

We all feel the same way, and we will help his mother and surviving family members the best we can. Please look at his photos, and you will see his wonderful smile and a look of peace on his face when he passed away. We thank God for heaven, and that we can see our friend and teammate, Kyaw Gyi, again. In the meantime, we are glad he is forever with Jesus. We love him very much and will honor his memory.

God bless you,

Dave, family, and the Free Burma Rangers.