Prayer for the Needs God Wants us to Meet

Dear friends and family,

We love you and thank God for all of you in our lives. We are now back home for Christmas, as we promised my mother and father, who are 94 and 91 years old, that we would all make it home for this Christmas here in Thailand. What a great blessing it is to be with them. Last night we celebrated with them their 64 years of marriage and 63 years of ministry. After Christmas, we will be continuing on our missions in Burma, the Middle East, Ukraine, and Tajikistan.

I was praying this morning about the needs we face and all the requests for help we get from people who we love. Some of you have asked for details of the needs that have arisen due to the massive attacks, by land and air, of the Burma Army against their own people. In Burma, over three million people have been displaced in the last two years alone and thousands killed, including our team members. This is happening all over the country and the 150 FBR teams on the ground are doing their best to help. We will join them soon. Meanwhile, in Syria and Ukraine, attacks continue and in Tajikistan we continue to share the love of Jesus to Afghans fleeing the Taliban in Afghanistan. My prayer is that we know which needs to meet and do only what God has us do. If you want to see details on needs at this time please click on this link.

Please pray that we would know and be able to meet the needs God wants us to meet, and if God wants you to have any part of that. Thank you so much for all the ways you help so many people in so many areas. I’m especially thankful for this time of year, which reminds us of the gift that God gave us in Jesus. Thank you for helping us share that love.

Thank you and God bless you,

Dave, family and FBR

Injured Ranger being treated in Burma.
Good Life Club in Burma.
Good Life Club in Syria.