Six Villagers Killed in Three Days

10 June 2023

Shan State, Burma

**Graphic content warning 

Dear friends,

We are very sad to share this news with you. The Burma Army troops in Moebya, Shan State, have killed at least six civilians over the last three days. The first three, shot to death on 6 June, were men. One of them was shot to death at 1000 on 6 June; another was hit by a 60 mm mortar (photos below) at 1630 as he was gardening. Then, while we were there trying to comfort the family of the man killed by the mortar, another civilian was shot dead by the Burma Army, on the far western side of town. The Burma military has three positions around the town, and most people have fled. However, some have tried to stay so that they can finish their harvest.

The following day, on 7 June, the Burma military patrolled into the village and captured 12 villagers and yesterday, on 8 June, three of them were shot dead. They were all in the same family, two women, Maw Maw Oo, 31 years old, and Thein Gi Oo, 29 years old. With them was their father, Aye Win Oo, 57 years old. All three were shot in the head and their bodies dumped on the street. When the bodies were recovered, the two women showed signs of torture and rape. We just finished burying them today. As we were comforting the family, we heard from other villagers that three more villagers had been executed, but we haven’t found the bodies yet.

These six villagers, trying to stay out of the war yet murdered anyway, are some of the over two thousand who have been killed by the Burma Army since the coup of 1 February 2021. Here in southern Shan State, there have been almost daily airstrikes, heavy mortar barrages, and shooting by Burma Army troops. In Burma, there are over three million people internally displaced now and everyone’s living in fear. There is no safe place. Please pray with us for the families and for change in Burma and for countries of goodwill to join in and help.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Dave, family and FBR

Maw Maw Oo, 31 years old, and Thein Gi Oo, 29 years old, and their  father, Aye Win Oo, 57 years old.
Comforting the wife and grandmother.