Burma Military Bombs and Destroys Church

30 April 2023

Karen State, Burma

Dear friends,

Thank you for praying, and for caring about the people in Burma. Every day there, the military is killing its own people, partly by conducting airstrikes all over the country. This month, hundreds of people have been killed by airstrikes, and churches have been directly bombed. The church in the photographs below was a beautiful church in the village of Mae Ka Nae, Dooplaya District, Karen State, Burma. On 11 April 2024, the Burma military launched a ground attack against this village, as well as bombing it multiple times. They dropped a 500-pound bomb directly on the church, which destroyed the church and set it on fire.

In addition to the church being bombed, other buildings were destroyed by airstrikes and 12 other homes were burned to the ground when the Burma Army occupied the Mae Ka Nae after the bombings. 

All the villagers have fled, including the pastor, who is a very close friend. He said he is praying to rebuild the church after the dictatorship falls and appreciates everyone’s prayers. As of this report, the Burma military is pounding the surrounding area with heavy mortar and machine-gun fire. They have set up near the ruins of the church and are preventing anyone from coming back. Thank you all for caring and praying.

Thank you and God bless you,

Free Burma Rangers

Photos below are of the church destroyed by the Burma military.

Before the church was bombed.
Dave Eubank with Eliya and PoeDu at the church of Eliya’s father.