Loss of a Ranger: Ranger Killed Saving Others

20 February 2023

Karenni State, Burma

Dear friends,

We are saddened to report that Vittorio, a Karenni Ranger, was killed on 20 January as he saved the lives of others. The Burma Army killed him as he was helping others escape during an attack. The Karenni resistance was trying to push the Burma Army out of their area and Vittorio was killed at the same time another Ranger, Martino, was wounded. Our team was able to meet Vittorio’s parents and awarded him the FBR Medal of Honor.

This is what the Medal of Honor certificate read:

“For sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty, and giving his life for others, Vittorio is awarded the FBR Medal of Honor. This is the highest award given by FBR as a symbol of the sacrifice of his life. Vittorio was an outstanding Karenni Ranger who was killed by the Burma Army on 20 January 2023 in the Salaung area in Tawei Song, Burma. Vittorio was born on 25.9.2001 and leaves behind a loving family of 8 brothers and sisters and his father and mother, Phillipo and Daw Amelia. He attended the Free Burma  Ranger training in 2022 and upon graduation returned to Karenni to help his people under attack. He acted bravely and selflessly up to the point of his death. He was killed helping others escape through intense fire of the Burma Army. His life inspires us, and his death makes us sad, but we thank God that he is now in heaven, with Jesus. Vittorio set an example of love, service, and sacrifice for all of us, and we thank God for him.”

He was also awarded the FBR Silver Star for valor and the FBR Cross for being wounded in action, all of which his family received on his behalf.

He will be greatly missed. Thank you for continuing to pray for our teams all over Burma.

Thanks and God bless you,

Dave, family and FBR

Below are pictures of Vittorio and his funeral, as well as meeting with his family.

Vittorio during his service as a Karenni soldier.
Dave and Karen meeting with Vittorio’s family after his death.
Giving Vittorio’s parents the FBR Medal of Honor.
Dave and Karen comforting Vittorio’s parents.