Airplanes Dropped Two Bombs on Hta Baw Kar Der Village

9 November 2022

Hta Baw Kar Der Village, Karen State Burma

The following is a report of a bombing by the Burma Army in Mutraw District of Karen State, serving as a snapshot of what villagers all over the ethnic areas of Burma are living in fear of on a daily basis. There are also attack statistics provided by the Karen National Union (KNU) for the month of October. 

9 November 2022, 0100am: Burma Army airplanes dropped two bombs on Hta Baw Kar Der Village, part of the Saw Mer Plaw village tract in Luthaw Township. Thank God there was no one injured or killed, but the bombs destroyed the church, school, and Saw Doh Lah’s house and injured one mule belonging to Saw Lu Thaw and FBR. The church is in shambles but the sign sits above the door still remains in place and reads, “Don’t slow down unless I tell you to,” 2 Kings 4:24.

This is the second airstrike in Mutraw District, since November started, and here is a recap of stats from Karen State from last month, October 2022, as reported by the KNU:

286 “incidents” were reported between the Burma Army and KNU.

369 Burma Army soldiers died.

221 artillery rounds fired by Burma Army.

10 civilian deaths from artillery fire.

33 civilian injuries resulting from the artillery.

4 civilians killed by Burma Army.

3 civilians wounded by Burma Army.

16 civilian houses destroyed by Burma Army artillery.

24 civilian houses burned down by Burma Army.

157 civilians arrested by Burma Army.

5 bombings by airplane.

The church that was hit in the bombing.
Impact spot of one of the bombs.
Aftermath of the bombings.