Sharing Love in Syria

1 November 2022


Dear friends,

Thank you so much for praying for us as we traveled into Syria. We are in the northeast part of Syria now on a relief mission and grateful for all those who prayed. There is ongoing fighting here as different jihadi forces, some of whom are proxies of the Turkish Army, attack the Kurds, Arabs, and Christians in northeast Syria. ISIS is also resurgent and conducts regular attacks and ambushes against the population as well as the Syrian Democratic Forces in Northeast Syria. To the west, fighting also continues between various factions and the Syrian military, which is supported by Russia and Iran. In this mix of violence and hate we feel very small but we know God is bigger than all of it.

On this mission, we have been doing Good Life Club children’s programs as well as dental and medical work to help the people that we can. We also have checked in on the construction of a new hospital we are helping to build in Tel Tamir. This is the place where Zau Seng, our cameraman and medic from Kachin State, Burma, was killed during the Turkish invasion of 2019. The hospital was also damaged by air attacks from Turkish forces. So, with God’s help and many friends, we are rebuilding the hospital now. It is a miracle to see it go up. At our meetings with the local villagers we told them that even if the hospital is attacked again, as long as God helps us, we will keep rebuilding it. We are in this with them. Thank you so much for your prayers as we continue this mission in Syria in Jesus’ name.

Thank you and God bless you,
Dave, family and FBR team in Syria

Team photo from Syria.
Doing a dance we learned in Burma.
Games for all.
Burma – Kurdish dance
Story of Jesus calming the storm.
Pete, trained by Dr. Shannon, pulls teeth.
Shannon, Blake, and Pete perform dentistry treatments.
Congressman Dr. Ralph Abraham looks after patients.
With the donkey Snowflake we rescued from Isis attack in 2019 and the family that took her in.
Building a new hospital in Tel Tamir.
Reload love playground enjoyed by the children in Tel Tamir.
Heidi talking to the builder and contractor for the new hospital.