Remembering Zau Three Years After He was Killed in Syria

3 November 2022


Video update from Dave and FBR.

Dear friends,

Thank you for praying us into Syria on this relief mission. It’s been a wonderful time of sharing the love of Jesus among people displaced by war and helping as we can. Back in 2019, while we were helping people under attack by the Turkish military and their proxy forces, one of our cameramen and medics from Burma, Zau Seng, was killed as he was helping others. This was a heartbreaking loss for us and for his family. The day he died, his daughter, Ang Ang, tunred one year old. She is now four years old and just sent us a message of scriptures she memorized. We are standing by her and her mother, Lu Nu, and they will always be part of our family and we committed to help them all the way.

Here in Syria, everywhere we go people remember Zau. They tell us how grateful they are that he came and how sad they are he lost his life helping them. They said his love was so great it was like God‘s love. I remember the moment he was hit I stepped to grab him and my eyes were drawn up. I saw something I’ve never seen before. I saw his face in heaven smiling and free. I thought “Wow, heaven happens so fast“ The look in his eyes was one of joy and there was no shock at seeing his own mangled body or seeing the situation we were in under fire. What I felt his eyes saying was, “Dave, I love you. Don’t worry, it’s great up here. Don’t be in a hurry you have things to do down there. You are all part of God‘s kingdom on earth is in heaven. Keep going, my brother Ranger.“ That vision was a gift of God to be able to see him and see him ok. At the same time we miss him so badly and the world is poorer without him. His wife, Lu Nu, and daughter also miss him but they are going on in life. Lu Nu is helping others in need and his daughter Ang Ang who is very sharp is learning so much. Thank you for caring about Zau and everyone here.

We honor him this day, 3 November 2022.

Thank you and God bless you,

Dave, family and the Free Burma Rangers

Memorial for Zau at the place we cremated him.
Zau’s picture at the Tel Tamir hospital in Syria, where he is honored and remembered by all.  
Looking over the Khabur River, where we put his ashes. 
Zau’s daughter, Ing Ing, sending us scripture.
Zau’s daughter, Ing Ing, sending us scripture.
Zau at FBR training as a young ranger. 
Zau, back left, on a mission in Kachin State, Burma.
Zau in Syria.
Zau documents last stronghold of ISIS at Bagouz, Syria.