Burma Army Attacks Continue to Terrorize Villagers in Chin State

2 March 2022

Chin State, Burma

8 January 2022: The State Administrative Council (SAC), the Burma Army’s rebranding of itself, burned Mualzawl Village in the Falam Township, and the next day they set fire to Webula Village.

Two civilians, a father, and son, were also killed and burned by the Burma Army. U Tin Thang, who was 60 years old and from  Hakhalay Village in Kalay Township, was arrested and did not return. On 9 January the villagers found his burned body and buried it. He is the son of 80-year-old Pi Thluai Men, who was shot and killed by SAC some days ago. 

7 January 2022: The Burma Army killed eight Chin people in  Matupi Township near Ngalaing Village. The youngest, Pa Le Mang, was 13 years old. U Tui Dim, another casualty, used to work for the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO), was a representative of New Delhi, and a journalist. The rest of the victims were members of the village.

13 January 2022: The Burma Army troops set fire to Theizang Village in Tedim Township . The fighting lasted a few minutes and then the Burma Army troops entered the village and set fire to five village houses. Two of those houses were government buildings from a coffee plantation camp.

Some of the villagers from Theizang have had to flee to Kalay Myo, where our teams have been able to support them by giving money and rice.

The next day, 14 January 2022, in the same attack, Mang Do Khup, 29 years old, was killed by the Burma Army in his home. He is fom Hiangzing Village in Tedim Township, Chin State, which is just past Theizang Village and 25 miles from Kalay Myo. Mang Do Khup, his wife, Ngin Suan Huai Cing, and their infant child fled the city when the Burma Army attacked but he returned to take care of their pets. He was shot and killed for no apparent reason. 

15-17 January 2022: Fighting continued in the area of Kalay Myo. In the war zone, the Chinland defense group ambushed the Burma Army on 15 January. The Burma Army attempted to use fighter jets in retaliation but the weather prohibited them from using them. Private residences in Kalay Myo were hit by Burma Army artillery during the battle. Thankfully, the residents of these houses were not at home when their homes were hit.

20-22 January 2022: The Burma Army fired 120mm mortar rounds from the Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 268 camp near Lumbang Village. The battle continued through the 21st at Hiangzing Village by the highway that runs between Tedim and Kalay Myo. The Burma Army occupied Kalay University and fired 120mm mortars from it. The battle continued into the 22nd, when the Burma Army used a jet to bomb Tedim Township and also attacked with 120mm mortar fire.

23 January 2022: Evan Nangpi, pastor of the Siyin Baptist Church, located in Taingen Village, reported that most of his villagers as well as some from Hiangzing are fleeing to Khuasak, a village located about seven miles from Taingen. In total, about 200 people are in need of food assistance.

27 January 2022: Thang Muan Khual, 19 years old, from Kalay Myo, went missing this evening. On the 29th his family was notified by the Burma Army that his body was at the Army hospital in Kalay Myo.

On that same day a Burma Army convoy entered the jungle, forcing thousands of people to flee across the Indian border. That night they stayed in Mizoram, the Indian state bordering Chin State. During this time the Covid-19 rates have gone up among the Chin people and so the Burma Army has prohibited traveling.

God Bless You,

Free Burma Rangers