Fire Leaves 5000 Families Homeless in Rohingya Refugee Camp

9 January 2022 
Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh

On 9 January at 4:20 pm, a gas cylinder exploded in Rohingya Refugee Camp 16, starting a large fire. Thousands of Rohingya refugee shelters were burned down and more than 5000 families left homeless. About 30 people were injured and five died in the blaze.  The firefighters arrived within a half-hour of the fire starting but it took them about five hours to control the flames.

The local FBR team went to help the people and gather information. They interviewed many victims and were told of the need for emergency support for basic necessities. There are shortages of food, blankets, mats, clothing, and mosquito nets. The team prayed for the people they interviewed and gave them what help they could.

Thanks and God bless you,

Free Burma Rangers