Many Rohingya Refugees Dead and Missing as Flooding Strikes Bhalukhali Refugee Camp

28 July 2021,

Teknaf, Bangladesh, Bhalukhali Refugee Camp:

Heavy rains and flash flooding have caused landslides and destroyed over 300 homes in Bhalukhali Refugee Camp. Many are dead, including children, many are still missing, and thousands are now homeless in the camp, which is encircled with barbed wire fences to control the movement of the Rohingya refugees living there. Some people trying to escape the flooding were blocked by the barbed wire fences and ended up drowning. Food delivery has been cut off and over 300 families are currently without any food as the rains continue. These Rohingya refugees fled a genocide by the Burma Army in 2017 and have since been stuck in Bangladesh refugee camps, with no prospects to return to their homeland. There are currently nearly one million refugees in these camps that are affected by disease, mass fires, and now flooding, year after year.

Please pray for the Rohingya people and their uncertain future.

Pictured below: people try to escape the flooding; children and adults have drowned.