Burma Army burns Homes and Drives Four Villages into Hiding in Western Karen State

5 August 2021
Karen State, Burma

On July 10th in southern Hsaw Hti , Nyuanglebin District, Western Karen State, Burma Army soldiers from Battalion 402, Military Operation Command (MOC) 8, led by Battalion Commander Myo Aung, attacked in the vicinity of Kaut Ka village. They burned down buildings and 860 people fled into hiding in the jungle. Two days later, on 12 July, also in southern Hsaw Hti Township, Burma Army Battalion 60, led by Captain ZIn Ya Htun, entered Yin Lane Village and arrested and handcuffed Saw Aung Hsan Linn. When his wife asked for the reason, the troops raised their rifles and threatened to shoot her if she did not shut up. They then took her husband away. He is still missing at the time of this report.

Between July 5th and 8th the Burma Army reinforced along the Muthey road with battalions 92, 264, and 349, consisting of 250 men and 248 pack horses. Further west, six Burma Army trucks picked up troops at Tha Bo camp, and Battalion 598 replaced Battalion 92 at Kler Soe camp.

Below are photos of ransacked homes.