IDP Camp Burns in Arakan State

17 March 2021
Mrauk-U Township, Arakan State

After the sun had set on Tein Nyo IDP camp, a small candle fell over at one of the IDP houses causing the house to catch fire. Within half an hour the fire had spread, burning down the majority of the camp. Over 3000 people called Tein Nyo IDP camp home after having to run from the Burma Army attacks in Arakan state over the past years. The meagre shelters of the IDP camp aren’t equipped with electricity and are made of bamboo, tarps and any materials they can find in nearby forests; thus making candlelight important.
663 homes were burnt down out of 875 homes in the camp. Currently 2565 are left homeless, including children, women and elderly people, now sleeping under the open sky. Fortunately no one was killed in the fire. The Burma army told the people they would not help to rebuild any of the shelters and urged the IDPs to go back to their respective villages, but the people still fear fighting and unrest and don’t want to return. Due to the ongoing military coup and previous restrictions put in place by the Burma army, aid groups and NGOs are unable to access the area of this camp to provide relief.
Currently there are over 8000 IDPs in Karen State who are facing similar hardship to the 3355 IDPs in Tein Nyo IDP camp, making up a small percent of the total IDPs in Arakan State and across Burma. The Burma Army seized control of the government on February 1 2021, and has since been killing people in the streets of Yangon and other major cities. Currently over 250 people have been killed in Yangon by the Burma Army since the coup began.
Free Burma Ranger teams already on the ground in Arakan state will respond and provide basic emergency relief and shelter for these IDPs who have lost everything; clothing, kitchen materials, food supplies, and their shelters.
Below are photos showing the devastation of the fire.
Thank you and God bless you.
Free Burma Rangers




Tein Nyo IDP camp burnt 01