A Coup in Burma and Attacks Cannot Stop the 60th Anniversary of Kachin Revolution Day

5 February 2021

Dear friends,

In the midst of the Burma military coup and continued Burma Army attacks, the Kachin people of northern Burma celebrate 60 years of freedom from tyranny. The Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) has stood for freedom, justice and reconciliation for the Kachin and others in Burma and they continue to shine a light of hope. It is an honor to have Kachin Free Burma Ranger relief teams serving alongside the Kachin people and KIO. Two of the Kachin Free Burma Rangers have gone to help in Iraq and Syria and one of them, Zau Seng gave his life to save others in Syria in 2019.

One of our Kachin team leaders, Bawmwang La Ring, who was wounded by the Burma Army, had this to say about this special day:

In honor of the 60th Kachin Revolution Day, which started in 1961 on February 5, I am proud to be able to serve the nation with an all-out effort even though I am a person of small abilities. The day of February 5 always empowers our patriotism. Despite the challenges of burdens, thirst, hunger, and hardship, our patience, spirit of unity and service must be displayed. We strive to strengthen our courage, love, and bravery and we also must resist the influences of the oppressive policies, offensive movements and unjust democracy. We stand with the original spirit of our founders, and put a light on the situation until justice is served.

Thank you and God bless you.

— Bawmwang La Ring

Thank you for praying for the Kachin people and all people in Burma.

God bless you,

Dave, family and FBR