Good Life in the Midst of Battle

8 January 2021
Mae Kaw Law village, Karen State, Burma

Here in Karen State, Burma, newly trained ranger teams put on a Good Life Club program for 420 people. Only a few minutes down the road is Mae Way Burma army camp which attacked the village and drove the people out of the now a mostly empty Mae Way town. Most villagers have left as clashes continue with the Burma Army. Nevertheless, here in the jungle the villagers and teams find joy together .


village children gather for GLC
Village children gather for the GLC program
village children at the GLC program
Village children at the GLC program
Rangers lead the GLC
FBR Rangers lead the GLC program



Village child receiving dental care
Village child receiving dental care


FBR Ranger giving medical care
Medics treated 234 patients during the program

FBR Ranger taking blood pressure reading

Mae Way Burma Army camp
Burma Army camp at Mae Way


Mostly deserted Mae Way town
Mae Way town, now mostly deserted