CBN: ‘Not About to Throw Away Our Freedoms’: Lessons on Love and Justice from the Missionaries in the Battle of Mosul

10 September 2020

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Excerpt from the article:

Dave Eubank and his wife Karen have become unique and remarkable modern-day missionaries. From the jungles of Burma to the deserts of Sudan, Iraq and Syria, they have spent their adult lives bringing help, hope and love to some of the world’s most war-torn areas.

CBN News recently talked with them about one specific mission – their adventure during the battle to retake Mosul from ISIS.

It was mid-2015 and the Islamic State had conquered an area the size of Great Britain spanning Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan.  ISIS killed thousands, and several million suffered under their barbaric rule.

A global coalition fought to drive the terror group out of the territory they’d stolen, and help those affected. One small group, in particular, had an outsized influence: The Eubanks’ band of missionaries called the Free Burma Rangers.

Eubank and his family began helping the needy in the jungles of Burma in 1994, never dreaming they would get called to the deserts of the Middle East. That all changed when a friend invited him to visit Iraq.

“Looking at the fields of Nineveh, and Mosul’s just beyond, the black flags of ISIS. I asked God, ‘What do I do about it?’ and then I heard God say, ‘Give up your own way, give up the Free Burma Rangers way and just help these people’,” Eubank recalls.

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