Burma Army Continues Attacks Against Ethnic Groups in Northern Burma

10 October 2019

Northern Burma


Civilian Casualties and Events 

On Sept. 3, mortars landed in a cornfield belonging to Law Lau Lu (male) from Namsa Village, Theinni Township, destroying two motorcycles. The mortars were reportedly from Burma Army Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 567 based at Nam Jarap. 

Military Actions 

Kutkai Township (Shan State)

On Sept. 1 at 0630 hrs, a Burma Army platoon (approximately 60 soldiers) Light Infantry Division (LID) 99 exchanged fire with a combined Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) force in the area between Namhpakka and Mungyu.

On Sept. 1 at 0700 hrs, a combined Burma Army force exchanged fire with TNLA elements at Ngaw Sa Wut Road Junction. The Burma Army force was composed of a platoon (approximately 60 soldiers) arriving from Manping and a company (approximately 80 soldiers) from LID 101 arriving from Htingchyi. Both elements joined forces around 0800 hrs the previous day (Aug. 31).

On Sept. 1 at 1340 hrs, TNLA elements detonated a landmine at the road junction of Humawng Village, directed at Burma Army elements from LID 101, enroute from Panghai.

On Sept. 1 at 1800 hrs, elements of Burma Army LID 99 and the TNLA 666th Unit exchanged small arms fire in the area between Ngaw Sa Wet Village (where the Burma Army column was en route from) and Voihpri Village.

On Sept. 1 at 1930 hrs, a Burma Army squad (approximately 12 soldiers) from LID 99 were holding a position in Namhpakka Loigung when they came under fire from TNLA soldiers.

On Sept. 2 at 0700 hrs, Burma Army and TNLA elements had an exchange of fire in the vicinity of Mungleng Village.

On Sept. 2 at 1220 hrs, Burma Army and TNLA elements had an exchange of fire in the vicinity of Yinkoi Tawng.

On Sept. 2 at 1640 hrs, two Myanmar Air Force (MAF) planes strafed TNLA positions during a ground engagement between Burma Army forces and TNLA forces that occurred in the area between Hwi Hkawk Village and Hujang Village. 

On Sept. 2 at 1653 hrs, two MAF helicopters fired on Kuthkai Gawng Ngu Hill in two passes.

On Sept. 2 at 1730, Burma Army elements fired mortars and small arms at Kuthkai Gawng Ngu Hill.

On Sept. 3 at 0930 hrs, a Burma Army platoon (approximately 60 soldiers) from LID 88 occupying positions in the vicinity of Hunawng Village was engaged by TNLA troops.

On Sept. 3 at 1200 hrs, Burma Army and TNLA elements exchanged fire in the area between Hunawng Village and Namgut Village.

Theinni Township (Shan State)

On Sept. 3 at 1730 hrs, a platoon (approximately 40 soldiers) from MNDAA 204th Unit engaged a Burma Army LIB 567 platoon (approximately 40 soldiers) in the vicinity of Bang Mawn.