Dear friends, 

“Stand Against Evil Show another Way” is a short film we released earlier but are sending out again to highlight the ongoing tragedy in Syria. We are sending this report out again as there has not been improvement and the situation is more desperate and dangerous there.
Thank you and God bless you,
Dave Eubank

Video Report: Stand Against the Evil of ISIS, Show Another Way

21 June 2019



Earlier this year, while on mission in Baghouz, Syria, the last stronghold of ISIS, FBR worked with the Syrian Democratic Forces as they defeated ISIS, and were able to connect with ISIS women and children fleeing the area. When the team returned to Syria this spring, they visited Al-Hawl refugee camp which is now home to ISIS families. Here’s a video made by Sahale and Suuzanne Eubank that shows their experience in Baghouz and Al-Hawl.