Dear friends,

In November of last year, we sent out the email below which highlighted an interview feature on us by Ollie North for American Heroes. We’ve recently updated the link to the episode so more people can watch it for free. Please see the new video below by clicking on the photo or the blue links.

Note: Please use this latest video link and image below as this video is no longer associated with the NRA or NRATV.

Thank you and God bless you,

Dave Eubank, family, and the Free Burma Rangers

New Video on the Free Burma Rangers

19 November 2018

United States


Dear friends,

Below is a link to a short documentary about the Free Burma Rangers. It is accurate and has God at the center of what we do.

I met Oliver North in the frontline in Kurdistan during the battle against ISIS and saw his compassion for oppressed people. We are grateful to him and his team for shining a light.

Thank you and God bless,

Dave Eubank, family, and the Free Burma Rangers

American Heroes – Dave Eubank from American Heroes on Vimeo.