[VIDEO] The Woman Who Didn’t Let Go: Reunited with Eman

15 November 2018

Mosul, Iraq

In October, the Free Burma Rangers Middle East team found the lady, Eman, who had been rescued when Dave Eubank and Zuhair dragged her from an ISIS-controlled street more than a year ago. After that rescue on 3 June 2017, they brought her immediately to an Iraqi casualty collection point (CCP) to receive care. They hadn’t seen her since then, didn’t know if she had survived and had been praying and looking for her for more than a year.

But then, on Oct. 1, the team was in Mosul again, following up with others they had rescued, and they prayed again to find her. There, at the site of the original rescue, the team learned that Eman was alive. For more on the story, watch the video and read the reunion report.