Experiencing FBR: Two New Books by Friends

24 October 2018

Dear friends,

Here are two new books that relate to FBR written from different perspectives.

One is Reload Love: Transforming Bullets to Beauty and Battlegrounds to Playgrounds by Lenya Hietzig. This is a wonderful story of choosing not to look away when we are faced with evil but instead to pray, look, and then act in love and faith. The Reload Love team has been with us in Burma and were with us when we started our missions in Kurdistan and Iraq. They have prayed for us, provided playgrounds in Kurdistan, Iraq, Syria, Thailand, and Burma, and helped us in the Good Life Club program.

The other book, City of Death, is by our friends Ephraim Mattos and Scott McEwen. Ephraim joined us for two months during the battle of Mosul. He was on relief missions, one of the rescues we did in Mosul, and was wounded and risked his life to save others. His and Scott’s book shares some of his experiences in Mosul with FBR. It is an honest, humble, and good book that shows the power of love over hate.

Thank you and God bless you,

Dave Eubank, family, and FBR teams