2017 FBR Annual Report
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From the Director

This past year marked 20 years of FBR. Thank you for your support and prayers. Our main mission is in Burma but in 2017 we as a family and some of our ethnic Rangers and headquarters team spent most of our time in Mosul, Iraq, helping people under attack by ISIS. We lost many close friends and three of our team were shot by ISIS including our interpreter Shaheen, who died. I was also shot by ISIS and wounded three other times.

In the of midst the tragedy that we saw daily, God taught us lessons that we want to share.

First, wherever Jesus sends you, He goes with you. Second, when we are faced with great evil, Jesus can work through our weakness and bring good from the clutches of evil. Third, we have felt and seen the power of the praying church in what looked like impossible situations. Fourth, vengeance is often an attempt to get justice with a spirit of hate and retribution but true justice can only be achieved with love and mercy. We need God’s help to love those who wrong us, to love our enemies – and when we pray and ask for this love, He helps us. God’s power through prayer helps us to achieve freedom, justice, and reconciliation.

In Iraq, Kurdistan, and Syria, ISIS has been pushed to small areas of control but they still launch deadly attacks and now there is also open war between Turkey and the Kurds in Syria and parts of Iraq.

In Burma the people continue to suffer murder, rape, burning of villages and displacement; over 700,000 Rohingya people have been displaced, over 7,000 killed and 3,000 raped; in Kachin, Ta’ang and northern Shan, there are ongoing attacks, as well as new attacks against the Karen. During this time the FBR relief teams have responded in love and with help as best they can. We see relief teams bringing lifesaving care to the displaced, pastors comforting their people and praying for justice and love, new medics and teachers being trained in the jungle to help people all over the world, and the international community sounding the alarm for help for the oppressed. All these are answers to prayer in the face of evil.

Thank you for all your help as we serve in Burma, Iraq, Kurdistan, and Syria.

Dave Eubank, family, and the Free Burma Rangers


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