Yezidis Under Threat in Sinjar

6 June 2018

Sinjar, Iraq

Dear friends,

Thank you for praying for the Yezidis who are under threat in Sinjar, Iraq. They suffered greatly under ISIS and have had massacres in their history and so feel very insecure about their survival.

We were just there after our Syria trip last week and the situation in Sinjar had become more tense. It seems things are getting better now. I am now back in Thailand but will return if the situation deteriorates. I feel the most important thing is to pray for understanding and reconciliation on all sides. We believe that God works through prayer and ask for His help in this.

In Sinjar earlier this week, an Iraqi Shiite militia called Katiab Imam Ali blocked three routes out of the city: the Tel Afar route to the east, the Ba’aj route to the south and west, and another route to the southeast. The militia has demanded Yezidi groups to give up their weapons and have threatened them if they don’t.

There are some 4,000 families in Sinjar who are afraid and ready to run. The Yezidi forces are preparing on both side of the mountain, including the northern Shefardin side, and have told the families they will protect them and encouraged them to stay.

Our friends in the Iraqi Army are trying to help in the situation. Now, there are talks between the different groups. Edo, our friend and one of the leaders of the Yezidi forces, says, “Please tell American generals to help us.”

Thank you for praying for the Yezidis and everyone there and we pray for a good resolution.

God bless you,

Dave, family, and teams