FBR Report: ISIS Launches Chemical Attack in Sinjar Area

12 February, 2016
Sinjar, Kurdistan, Northern Iraq

Dear friends ,

We are now in the Sinjar area of Kurdistan, Northern Iraq, on a relief mission, helping people displaced by ISIS and giving medical/dental treatment and training. Yesterday, on 11 February 2016 ISIS launched a chemical mortar attack – photos and brief report below.

11 February 2016 between 1500-1600 hrs local, ISIS fired over 30 chemical mortar projectiles from two mortars in the vicinity of Dumise village, south of Sinjar, Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. The rounds landed all around the front line positions of the Kurdish Yizidi Peshmerga troops and along the road coming into Dumise. The wind was blowing 10-15 knots southwest to northeast paralleling the front line and thus most of the gas was blown away from the troops and dissipated. Upon impact a white cloud of noxious smoke spread from the shells. However thirty Peshmerga became very sick, had difficulty breathing, vomited and had stinging noses and eyes. They were evacuated and treated. Some have recovered and returned to duty and so far none have died.

We photographed both sites one hour after the attack (we were giving medical training nearby), there was a strong smell of rotten vegetables, and there was a burning in our noses and eyes and it also smelled like chorine and sulphur.  There was a black tar like substance around the impact area of the chemical rounds. The Peshmerga here told us that these were chlorine gas shells. We are not sure at this time what it is.

Coordinates of the impact area of shells; WGS 84 MGRS 37S GA 53544 16590. Approximate firing point that ISIS used was from behind a building 700-800 meters South East 151 degrees from the impact area.

God bless you,

Dave, family and the Free Burma and Free Kurd Rangers
One of the casualties of the attack who still has difficulty breathing
Building that ISIS fired the chemical muniments from.
Impact areas of chemical munitions
Impact areas of chemical munitions
Tail fins of mortar