Burma Army Tortures and Murders Injured Civilian and shoots woman as Kachin Refugees are Forced to Flee

Kachin State, Burma
15 May 2015

******Warning: Graphic Images in the Report

Burma Army Shoots, Tortures and Murders Civilian

A civilian farmer, Min Htet from Mung Hkawng IDP Camp, was murdered on Saturday May 9 by Burma Army troops.

Min Htet – murdered by Burma Army troops.

The 40 year old father of two, was shot and then tortured to death by Burma Army soldiers from Battalions 15 and 142.

The victim was shot in the chest while he was on the way to tend to his pigs. As the shot did not kill him, the Burma Army troops then proceeded to knife him in the face and then beat him to death with a stave.

The incident occurred near Man Gau village and Nam Hpye stream, south of Nam Lim Pa at 1830hrs. At the same time, a woman named Hpaure Htu, aged 30, was also hit by a bullet in her right hand, but managed to escape.

Civilians forced to flee Burma Army Attacks

Residents of Nam Li Pa have been forced to flee their village many times due to military offensive operations by the Burma Army. There have been numerous attacks near the village and three times the village has been directly attacked by the Burma Army.

The village, which had a population of about 1800 people, has been attacked in July 2011, November 2013 and now on the 6 May 2015. The 2013 attack led to FBR finding and reporting on the savage torture and murder of seven villagersAlmost all the residents are now living in IDP camps, but a few continue to live in hiding in the surrounding jungle in the hope of one day being able to return home.

God bless you.

Free Burma Rangers.