Four Chinese Civilians Die In Burma Army Airstrike Across China Border

19 March 2015
Shan State, Burma

Report Highlights

  • Burma Air force bombings kills four Chinese villagers along the China Burma border as the Burma Army continues its assault against the  Kokang people and the Myanmar National Democractic Allianace Army (MNDAA)
  • Hundreds of Burmese military troops doing resupply in northern Shan State
  • Thousands of Kokang villagers displaced

Four Chinese civilians were killed when Burma Army forces bombed targets on the China side of the Burma/China border on 13 March; this is just one of numerous other accounts of airstrikes and mortar fire from Burma Army forces impacting on the China side of the border between 9 and 14 March 2015.

Furthermore, from 9 to 14 March there have been 10 clashes between Burma Army and ethnic forces and more than 1,610 Burma Army troops, 158 supply and troop transport trucks, and 62 horses moved throughout the Northern regions of Burma.

Burma Army Drops Bombs in China

At 14:00 on 13 March 2015 four civilians were killed and nine wounded by a Burma Army fighter aircraft which dropped two bombs during an airstrike.  The bombs were dropped on the Chinese side of Ta Shwi Htu Village, Kokang region, during an attack against Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) posts. The MNDAA is an ethnic armed group in northern Burma which had a ceasefire with the Burma Army until 2009 they were attacked by the Burma Army.  Chinese tanks have been providing security around the blast site since the incident.

On 11 March between 07:00-17:30 the Burma Army fired three mortar rounds at the Burma/China border town of Mai Ti, where they exploded on the Chinese side.  Later that day in the border town of Hpung Wi, a Burmese fighter jet targeting ground targets also dropped a bomb on the Chinese side.

Clashes and Military Movements

At 13:10 on 14 March approximately 400 Burma Army troops and 20 troop transport trucks from Light Infantry Division (LID) – 66 were patrolling an area near Sin Li, Kutkai Township, northern Shan State, when they triggered three land mines resulting in 10 soldiers dead and/or injured.

Between 08:20 – 11:30 on 14 March Burma Army troops from LID – 88 advanced to Ngaw Nga Bum hill, Manton Township, northern Shan State, and clashed with units from the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) currently defending the hill.

At 17:00 on 12 March Burma Army Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 385 and 386 clashed with Kachin Independence Army (KIA) troops near Ban Kawk Pa, Mogoung Township.

On 11 March Burma Army Infantry Battalion (IB) 255 fired 60mm mortars and medium machine guns at KIA Pau Se Bum Post between 06:30-14:30 time.  Later, the Burma Army advanced to Adam Post and burnt it to the ground.

On 10 March at 18:40 in Jahkya Yang Village the Burma Army IB 255 attacked KIA Adam Post in Jahkya Village, Waingmaw Township.  At 19:10 the KIA decamped from the post under Burma Army fire.

On 10 March at 07:00 KIA Private Hkyawlaw Ze Hkawng was shot to death by a Burma Army patrol outside of Nang Zaw Yang post in Waingmaw Township.  At 12:20 on the same day Burma Army IB 140 attacked the post with small arms and mortar support.  At 15:30 the KIA had to decamp from their post under fire.

At 20:20 on 9 March Burma Army IB 252 fired five 81mm mortars from their position at Hka Ya Bum, Bum Re Bum at KIA positions in Lawa Du, Naw Hpyu Bum, and Lawa Rum, Waingmaw Township, Kachin State.

At 19:00 on 9 March Burma Army IB 140 fired 60mm mortar rounds at Nang Zaw Yang Post in Waingmaw Township, Kachin State.

On 9 March at 11:00 hours a Burma Army unit from LID – 88 clashed with the combined forces of the TNLA 478th Battalion and KIA 8th battalion at Kawng Kat village, Nammhkam Township, resulting in 3 Burma Army soldiers being killed and 2 injured.

At 05:10 on 9 March a Burma Army battalion from LID 99 and TNLA troops clashed near Nam Sa Village and Nam Maw Village in Kuthkai Township.  Later, 100 Burma Army troops reinforced the 120 troops operating around Nam Sa village and Nam Maw village.

Burma Army Troop & Supply Movements

At 0800 on 14 March an estimated 100 Burma Army troops of LIB – 317 with 62 horses from Balawng Dingsa headed to Maji Kung Kaji, Mansi Township, Kachin State.

At 18:15 on 13 March more than 100 Burma Army troops from an unknown unit traveled from Yawa Tit Village to Ta Law Gyi.

At 15:00 on 13 March approximately 50 combined troops from Burma Army LIB 587 and Kawng Hka (PTT) militia forces (a Burma Army militia) were seen traveling from Ta Law Gyi to Galang Ja Pa, Waingmaw Township, Kachin State.

At 10:00 on 13 March approximately 30 Burma Army troops under MOC 7 constructed defensive positions around Nam Mi Lawng Village, Hpakant Township.

On 13 March an estimated 40 Burma Army soldiers from IB 105 arrived at Sut Len Yang Village, Mogoung Township.

On 12 March a Burma Army troops from LIB 66 provided security for 25 military trucks headed to Kun Lung to reinforce Burma Army positions.

On 11 March approximately 150 Burma Army troops from LID 66 reinforced their positions in the conflict zone of Laukkai.

On 11 March approximately 80 Burma Army troops from LID 11 arrived at Shu Hkin Ta Village and 70 troops from Burma Army LID 11 arrived at Maw Han Village in Kuthkai Township.  Another 80 Burma Army troops under LID 33 arrived at Man Lun Village and an estimated 100 troops under Burma Army LID 33 arrived at Bang Shau Village in Kuthkai Township in northern Shan State.

On 11 March at 19:00 Northern Command Base, Myitkyina, sent 17 supply trucks and 20 military trucks filled with military supplies to Danai Township.

On 11 March at 09:00 five Burma Army trucks carrying military supplies and another 25 Burma Army trucks carrying troops headed to Kun Lung from Sin Li, Lashio, in northern Shan State.

On 10 March Burma Army sent reinforcements from Northern Command Base, Myitkyina to different townships in Kachin State.  There were 11 trucks sent to Tayang Zup Village in Njang yang Township and 17 trucks loaded with 100 Burmese troops and two 2 wheeled light artillery batteries sent to Putao District, Sumpra Bum Township.

On 9 March a total of 23 Burma Army trucks coming from Lashio reached Kuthkai Christian Cemetery carrying an estimated 300 Burma Army troops.


God bless you,

Free Burma Rangers