New Teams Graduate and Go On Relief Missions

15 December 2014
Karen State, Burma
Rangers during a Good Life Club program in a local village.

Dear friends,

Thank you for all the support and help. Today we graduated 80 rangers from 12 new FBR relief teams and advanced team members from different ethnic groups (whom will now) and now they will go on relief missions to help those in need. The 12 new teams trained were from the Karen, Lahu, Karenni, Shan and Naga ethnic groups representing North, South, East and Western Burma. They were trained by Karen, Karenni, Chin, Lahu and Shan FBR instructors.

Rangers during their medical training.

The teams began their training with a two week pre-ranger course focused on land navigation, swimming and spiritual growth. They then trained in the following subjects; Ethnic Unity, Leadership Principles, Map Reading, Land Navigation, G.P.S. (Global Positioning System) use, Swimming and Lifesaving, Solar Power and Battery Management, Human Rights Violations Recording and Reporting, Operation Order Writing, SALUTE format information Reporting, General Reporting, Counseling, Mule Packing, Medical Training, building Poncho Rafts, Rappelling, completing Five Field Training Exercises, Physical Training, Rope Bridge Building, Good Life Club Training, ICOM Radio, Interviewing, Law of War, Security, Video and Photography, and completing village outreach programs.

Rangers learning about how to properly place loads on mules utilized during relief missions.
Graduates during their culminating exercise (Note: scene is a simulation of a village under attack)

The teams and instructors of FBR are comprised of men and women from 13 different ethnic groups and different faiths who live and work as a family with a common goal of service. Team members are free to believe as they like and during this training two of the new rangers decided to follow Jesus and asked to be baptized.

The culminating exercise is not only physically demanding, but challenges their ability to navigate terrain at night.
Rangers complete the swimming portion of their training.

We now go on relief missions and join the 75 other FBR teams in different areas of need in Burma. There have been many positive changes in Burma but attacks, oppression and displacement continue and last month two of our Ta’ang and Arakan Rangers were killed by the Burma army. We pray for their families and for the Burma Army and our new teams as we all go forward to give help, hope and love and to put a light on the situation in Burma.

Thank you for your love, prayers and help.

God bless you,

Dave and all the Free Burma Rangers

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