FBR Video Man Shot by Burma Army

12 March 2014
Karen State, Burma

Dear Friends,

Saw Shae Say, one of our Rangers, was shot by the Burma Army on 18 February 2014 while attempting to video their advance into Karen State.

Saw Shae Say receiving initial treatment at a Free Burma Rangers-support clinic.

Saw Shae Say and his team were monitoring a Burma army advance in the Saw Mu Plaw area of Muthraw District, Northern Karen State. Saw Mu Plaw was the site of a Karen village until the Burma army attacked it multiple times and chased all the villagers out. There are now two Burma Army camps in the area and they are working to expand their control of the area and are using bulldozers to push a road through. One Karen soldier accompanying the team was wounded in the ankle and Saw Shae Say was shot in the arm, shattering his bone. The team managed to escape the Burma Army and carried the wounded for two days to a Free Burma Ranger-supported clinic.

The exit wound from the bullet that hit Saw Shae Say while he was monitoring Burma Army activities in Karen State in February 2014.

The Karen solider shot in the ankle was stabilized there, while Saw Shae Say, whose wound was much more serious, was evacuated further.  Due to good medical care, he will not lose his arm and is recovering. We asked him what he wanted to do when he got better. He smiled broadly and said, ” I want to keep being a Ranger. I will go back and continue my mission.” Saw Shae Say was awarded the FBR Star of Valor and FBR Cross for the wounds he received as he put a light on the Burma Army oppression.

Saw Shae Say at the hospital.

We prayed with him and are grateful to the FBR medical team and other doctors for their help.

Thank you for your care for Saw Shae Say.


God Bless you,

Free Burma Rangers