FBR Report: Burma Military Air and Ground Attacks against the  Kachin ; Situation update of Kachin State as of 3 January 2013

3 January, 2013
Kachin State

31 Dec, 2012 at;12:45 pm  the Burma military uses two Fighter jets – shooting machine guns, dropping  bombs and using chemical munitions (possibly HC CS – or some form of tear gas/riot agent – we are not sure what it is but  have found the containers – earlier June FBR Kachin report – and so far no deaths from this). These attacks are in the La Ja Yang area; Bum Re and north west at Nam San Yang. Air attacks occurred 8 times.

1 Jan,2013 at 10:10 am, one Mi24 Attack Helicopter Shoots rockets, machine guns and drop bombs at Pang Wa area. Pang Wa is north of Laiza in the KIO/KIA first brigade and Fifth Brigade area near the China border.

1 Jan, 2013 at 1:40pm  two helicopters shoot rockets, machine guns and drop bombs on the Kachin positions there.  At 5pm, two fighter jets shoot machine guns and drop bombs eight  times on eight passes.

2 Jan,2013 at 11:45 in La Ja Yang-Laiza-Nam Sang Yang areas, two Burma Airforce fighter jets shoot machine guns and drop bombs three times. On the same day three Mi 24 Attack Helicopters shoot rockets and drop bombs and shoot machine guns four  times. At the same time the Burma army shelled civilian homes with  120mm mortars and 105 howitzers. A total of  3 helicopters and 2 jets rocketed and machine-gunned KIO/KIA positions in La Ja Yang (10 km South West of Laiza) and Nam Sang Yang (13 km North West of Laiza). Air attacks started on 14 Dec but have increased in tempo from  23 Dec 2012 through 2 Jan 2013.

3 Jan, 2013. The situation today; No air attacks yet but the Burma Army ground troops are still attacking and are 7 km from Laiza – KIO HQ. As of this report at 3pm 3 January, the Burma military is still attacking.

Grid coordinates of some of the areas the Burma military is attacking near Laiza:

Bum Re(N-24’ 45’27.1”E-97’29’28.5”), Nam San(N-24’52’30.9”E-97’29’52.1”), HKa Ya(N-24’46’10.3” E-97’30’36.4”), La Ja Yang(N-24’43’55.5”E-97’29’32.0”).

Burma Army units in this area:  Divisions 88 and MOC 21

Weapons: 60mm, 81mm and 120mm heavy mortars, 105 howitzers, 84 and 75mm Recoilless rifles, machineguns and small arms, some form of chemical munitions (riot agent?), MI-24 attack helicopters, fighter jets.

Logistical support: Trucks and civilian porters.

God bless you,

the Kachin FBR teams