FBR Report: Photos of Burma Air Force jets and MI24 Attack Helicopters bombing, rocketing and strafing the Kachin, in Kachin State, Northern Burma

Kachin State, Burma
29 December 2012

Dear friends, here are photos just received this morning from our FBR teams in Kachin State. They show Burma Air Force jets and MI24 attack helicopters attacking the Kachin in Kachin State, northern Burma. At 08:00 hrs this morning, 29 December, Burma Air Force jets attacked Kachin (Kachin Independence Army- KIA) positions at Lajaiyang 10 kilometers southwest of the town of Laiza, Kachin State.

One of two Burma Airforce fighter jets attacking Kachin postions 28 December 28, 2012

On 28 December 2012 at 02:30 hrs, the Burma Army began a barrage of heavy 120mm mortars against Kachin positions in Lajayang. Later in the day the Burma Army began shelling Nam Sang Yang, 13 kilometers northwest of Laiza. These two towns, now destroyed by Burma Army attacks starting in 2011, are located on the Bhamo- Myitkyina road and guard the access into Laiza, a large town on the Kachin State, Burma – China border.  Laiza is the HQ of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO).

At 09:20 hrs, two fighter jets strafed the Kachin (KIA) positions in Lajaiyang with machine guns, dropped bombs, and fired rockets. They strafed the Kachin positions 11 times.

MI24 helicopter firing rockets at Kachin positions 28 December, 2012

At  09:45 hrs two MI24 helicopters came and shot rockets and machineguns, the guns making two passes. The helicopters left and then came back with three helicopters at 10:10 and they attacked again for 30 minutes. During these attacks the Burma Air Force jets and MI24 attack helicopters also bombed, rocketed and strafed Kachin positions at Nam Sang Yang. During these attacks, the Burma Army dropped over 400 rounds of 120mm heavy mortar shells in and around Lajaiyang. and  Nam Sam Yang.


Home burning after helicopter attack on 28 December 2012

The use of jet aircraft and attack helicopters to bomb, rocket and strafe the Kachin is now at the highest intensity since the Burma military began its attacks against the Kachin last year.  Over 100,000 Kachin are now displaced, towns and villages have been destroyed and they are in need of security, food, shelter and clothing. Our FBR relief teams in this area are working closely with other relief organizations to help those in need and get the information out.


House destroyed by helicopter attack on 28 December 2012
Burma Army rocket shell fired on 28 December, 2012

Thank you for your prayers and support of them.

God bless you,

The Free Burma Rangers