FBR REPORT: Seven-year-old child killed, a mother and other villagers wounded in ongoing Burma Army attacks in Karen State
Karen State, Burma
25 September, 2011

In This Report:

This report contains a compilation of information gathered by Free Burma Ranger teams in Karen State.

  • Dooplaya District (Southern Central Karen State): Civilians hit by mortars, increased military presence in the area.
  • Nyaunglebin District (Northwestern Karen State): Civilians used for security and shot at by Burma Army.
Map showing area of report

Dooplaya District, Central Karen State

The following is an update on a village that was hit with Burma Army mortar fire in June during fighting between the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA), and Burma Army Infantry Battalion (IB) 283 (see previous report). On 7 June 2011, Burma Army mortar fire killed a seven-year-old child and wounded two other villagers when it landed in Mae Ta Ler Village in Kaw Taw Ri (Kawkareik) Township, Dooplaya District.

Pictured below is the deceased 7-year-old Saw Kaw Buh. He died that day (7 June 2011) from head injuries which he sustained due to mortar fire.

7 year old Saw Kaw Buh, died from injuries sustained in a mortar attack

Saw Lar, 17, was placed in the hospital with injuries to the left cheek and shoulder. The wounds are visible in the below picture and he is now in recovery.

Saw Lar, 17, injured in Burma Army mortar attack


Naw Ku Kyi, a 25-year-old mother of three, originally sustained injuries to her forehead, back and fingers. She is pictured below in her condition immediately after the attack. She survived and is recovering.

Naw Ku Kyi, a 25-year-old mother of three, injured in Burma Army mortar attack


July 2011 – The Burma Army increased its presence in Win Ye Township throughout the month of July.

Below are the units that have been added to the area.

Burma Army Unit Purpose
LIB 583 Second column patrol between Yel Tagon and Anankwin.
IB 61 Activities between Anankwin to Taungzon
LIB 566 First column patrolling between Aplone and Taungzon; Second Column patrolling between Chongzon and Aplone
LIB 563 First Column patrolling between Mae Ka to Three Pagodas; Second Column patrolling between Chongzon and Three Pagodas
Division 44- LIB 1 Patrolling Tagontine, Lakazine, and Chongnakwa.
LIB 586 Activities in Ye area
MOC 19 Activities in Ye area
TOC 1 Activities in Ye area
IB 106 Activities in Ye area


Nyaunglebin District, Northwestern Karen State

In June 2011, the Nyaunglebin District FBR team visited six villages with at least 800 families and 1800 people; they were able to provide medical assistance to over 400 patients.

Villagers stated in interviews that though the Burma Army has been less active in the area since the beginning of the year, Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 264 is still present with three camps – Kyauk Kyi, Bawgata, and Toe Ta Dah Camp. LIB 264 has been using civilians and village headmen for security, forcing them to report any Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA — pro-democracy ethnic resistance) movement within their villages every two days.

On 12 June 2011 in Ler Doh Township, the Burma Army opened fire on two Muthey villagers who were searching for their buffaloes at Ee Tha Plaw. The troops shot at them with rifles and fired seven mortar rounds, though neither person was injured. The two villagers escaped the attack and were able to return to their homes.