FBR REPORT: FBR Relief Team Mission Report – Shan State
Shan State, Burma
May, 2011

Mission Summary:

Dear All,

On the fourth of May, four newly trained FBR relief teams along with the Shan FBR HQ team went on a seven day mission to southeastern Shan State. The teams visited two villages and the medics treated 260 patients and 10 dental patients.

FBR team members providing medical services in Shan State
Team member providing dental services in Shan State

Burma Army Activity:

The Burma Army continues to heavily tax villagers and their crops. The area the teams went to is controlled by Burma Army troops: IB-246, IB-514,IB-527, and IB-331.

FBR team member interviewing a villager in Shan State

Villager Situation:

In most villages the Burma Army has posted a proxy force of local militia called the Southern Shan State Army ( SSS). The SSS is made up of individuals who keep an eye on villagers and their activities and report back to the Burma Army. This is one of the reasons the relief teams cannot enter into villages and often do the medical and Good Life Club program outside the village. In many villages the children do not attend school because the government of Burma does not allow the people to start Shan schools.

FBR team member singing with villagers in Shan State

Team Summary:

The teams interviewed villagers, conducted Good Life Club programs including teaching basic health, singing songs, and playing games. They gave medical aid and were able to visit, and encourage the villagers. Thank you for your support in helping these teams make a difference bringing help, hope, and love in Shan State, Burma.

Thank you and may God Bless you,

FBR Shan Teams

FBR team member teaching anatomy.