FBR REPORT: Burma Army Burns 23 Homes and Chases Families in Southern Karen State
Karen State, Burma
20 February, 2011

On January 23, 2011, a force of 250 Burma Army troops comprising IB 224, IB17 and LIB 560 entered the Manorone area of Ta Naw Tha Ri Township in Tenasserim Division (Southern Karen State) where many Karen families were hiding. These troops fought with Karen National Liberation Army (ethnic pro-democracy resistance) soldiers from January 24 to 26. On January 27, the Burma Army troops arrived at the Laylawkati hide site and burned down 6 houses. On the 28th, they arrived at the Hteepomekeh and Lahpeitkee hide sites and burned down 17 houses and one school. Now 236 people from 28 families are displaced in the Manorone area. The local FBR team is helping the people in this area.

A Karen family after their home and paddy rice burned by Burma Army troops
People displaced following Burma Army attack
Map showing area of reaport

God bless you, Southern Karen FBR