FBR REPORT: Fighting Erupts at Border Areas Following Burma Election; Thousands Displaced
Karen State, Burma
10 November, 2010

On the day of the election in Burma, November 7th, fighting broke out on the border town of Myawaddy as a breakaway faction of the pro-Junta DKBA (Democratic Karen Buddhist Army) took control of the border crossing with Thailand and SPDC military and police posts. The DKBA force was led by Colonel Saw Lah Pwe (Bo Nha Khan Mwe) of the DKBA Brigade No. 5. According to DKBA leadership, the SPDC had been forcing them to join the

Map of Report Area

SPDC controlled Burma Guard force and coercing citizens to vote for the junta-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) in the controversial election. A force of DKBA soldiers responded by taking key administrative and military positions in both Myawaddy and nearby Three Pagodas Pass area. During the initial day of fighting, most SPDC troops fled the area and there were reports of others being captured by DKBA forces. SPDC forces in the area at that time included 120 troops from the Burma Army Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 283 and 60 troops from the LIB No. 405. On the 8th, SPDC troops responded by heavily reinforcing their troops with a new division size unit (LID 22) and launching an assault on DKBA positions in Myawaddy. There are reports of several deaths from this fighting, including at least three civilians. On the 9th, DKBA forces retreated from Myawaddy, and concentrated their forces at the Three Pagodas Pass area. Fighting between DKBA and SPDC forces continues in this, and neighboring areas. The SPDC have sent LIB 405, IB 283, IB 106, IB 284, and IB 289 to the area and have mortared Mae Ka Tha village, wounding several villagers.


Reports indicate that upwards of 20,000 displaced people have fled Burma into Thailand since fighting began on Sunday. Some are taking shelter in various places including a monastery and the Thai Army Headquarters in Mae Sot and are being given humanitarian assistance. The number of additional internally displaced people in Burma is unclear at this time, but may grow if the conflict is moves to other areas inside Burma. FBR teams are currently in the affected areas and we are waiting for their assessments and trying to help those people internally displaced by the situation.

God bless you, Free Burma Rangers Karen State, Burma



Displaced persons enter Thailand
Displaced persons flee Burma into Thailand near Myawaddy
Displaced persons flee Burma into Thailand near Myawaddy
Displaced persons flee Burma into Thailand near Myawaddy