FBR REPORT: DKBA Continue to Forcibly Recruit Villagers while the Karen Peace Force Joins the Burma Army Border Guard Force
Karen State, Burma
28 September, 2010

  • DKBA continue to forcibly recruit villagers
  • Karen Peace Force joins the Burma Army Border Guard Force

DKBA – The Democratic Karen Buddhist Army broke away from the Karen National Union in 1995 and have been fighting alongside the Burma Army ever since.
BGF – The SPDC has issued an ultimatum to various cease-fire and proxy groups stating that they have to join a “Border Guard Force.” This involves the groups giving up operational control to Burma Army officers under threat of dissolution.
Karen Peace Force – The Karen Peace Force was created 1997 after a battalion split off from the Karen National Liberation Army (the military arm of the Karen National Union).

Map showing area of report (click on map for larger image)

Forced Recruitment

 DKBA Brigade 5, which has refused to join the Burma Army Border Guard Force (BGF), has asked for 500 local villagers to join their force and do military training. Each village listed below was forced to provide several men for training, the number depending on the size of the village. If any of the recruits run away or refuse to serve, then they have to pay 50,000 baht (approximately $1600) to the Brigade.

Villages (all located in Kawkareik Township, Dooplaya District, Karen State):

– Thaw Wo Tho
– Gwe Ta Ho
– Theh Baw Bo
– Gwe Ta U
– Gwe Ler Chuh
– Tha Na Tah
– Maw Poe Klo
– Htee Pla La
– Kho Lay
– Wah Mee Tah
– Maw Kee
– Tho O Tah
– U Geh Tah
– Plow Tah

To date 150 men have showed up to join the training.

Karen Peace Force Accept Border Guard Force

On the 23rd of August, the Karen Peace Force, roughly 230 men, accepted the Burma Army’s demands to become a Border Guard Force. The reported salary is 150,000 kyat for Captains and Lt. Colonels, 100,000 kyat for Sergeants, and 50,000 kyat for the regular soldiers. They are based in Kawkareik Township, Dooplaya District, Karen State.

Thank you and God bless you,
Free Burma Rangers