FBR REPORT: Burma Army Kills Father, Wounds Daughter
Karen State, Burma
26 April, 2010

Warning: Graphic Images Below

Story Update:

On March 21, 2010, Saw Ta Doh Wah, 59, was shot dead by Burma Army soldiers, while his daughter, Su San Na, 27, was wounded. According to FBR teams on the ground in this area, the Burma Army troops entered the village of See Keh Der and called the villagers to come out of their houses. Saw Ta Doh Wah stepped out from his house and was shot immediately, without any questions asked. The soldiers then cut off his left hand and tied a chain around his right leg. His daughter was hit in the right leg in this same shooting and is currently receiving treatment in the brigade hospital.

See Keh Der village is in Tantabin Township in Toungoo District of northern Karen State. The Burma Army soldiers were from Light Infantry Battalion 427, under MOC 5, commanded by Kyaw Aye.



Su San Na, 27, shot by the Burma Army
The remains of Ta Doh Wah, 59, shot and killed by the Burma Army outside his house
Chain tied around Ta Doh Wah’s leg

Thank you and God bless you,

The Free Burma Rangers