FBR REPORT: FBR Relief Mission in Central Shan State Oct 9th, 2009 – Jan 10th 2010
Shan State, Burma
20 March, 2010

Mission Summary:

Three Shan FBR relief teams gave humanitarian relief to Shan villagers displaced by the attacking Burma army. Teams treated patients, gave medicine, documented human rights abuses, did Good Life Club programs for women and children, and sent reports on Burma Army activities in Mung Pan, Khun Hing, Lai Kah, Kay Si, and Mung Kung Districts. The team visited 8 schools (most other schools were closed because of lack of teachers) and had treated over 2,000 patients.

Burma Army activity:

On August 27, 2009 Military Operation Command (MOC) 12, with battalions 9, 64, and 515 burned 274 homes and displaced over 1,800 people. The State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) tried to cover up their action by building new houses for the villagers. They forced villagers and businessmen in the surrounding area to pay for these homes. The Burma army actively patrols these areas to stop the villagers from contacting the Shan ethnic pro-democracy resistance for example in Lai Kah where MOC 249 is security for the new houses. The security watches the builders and is allowed to shoot anyone who comes near the village that they don’t know.

IDP situation:

1,864 people fled when their homes were burned. One villager was killed when he was caught trying to help put out fires started by the Burma Army. The Burma Army shot this villager then threw his body in a burning house. The three villages that were burned were: Ho Lome, Ho Khai, and Kung Jam Kah. There were eight other villages that were harmed in the Lai Kah District. 1,864 IDPs had to flee, but were then told to return and live in the new houses built by the Burma Army.

Team Summary:

The team interviewed IDPs, took pictures of burned houses and new houses being built, and of the IDP camps. They gave medical aid and were able to visit, and encourage the villagers.

Thank you for your support in helping this team make a difference bringing help, hope, and love in Shan State, Burma.

Thank you and God Bless you,
FBR Shan Team


Team medic giving medical aid to IDPs in Shan State

A team member teaching new IDPs about health in Lai Kah

Temporary house where up to eight families live

New houses built by the Burma Army

Burned house from Lai Kah area

This man was tied up and beaten by soldiers from Military Operation Command (MOC) 9. He almost died but his friends took him to a doctor. This picture was taken after three months of healing