FBR REPORT: Two Men Shot Dead by Burma Army Soldiers
Thaton District, Karen State, Burma
16 November, 2009

In This Report
We apologize for sending this report out so late. We are sending it by relay from inside Burma and thought we had already sent this out last month when we recieved the information. We are doing our best to help the widows of the two men killed.

God bless you,
A relief team leader
Free Burma Rangers

Original Report Date: September 26, 2009


Doung Nyo, one of two men shot and killed by Burma Army, 26 September 2009

On September 26, 2009, at 2p.m., Burma Army soldiers came and fired into a villager’s farm hut outside of Baw Kee village. Eight hours later people came to check the hut and found the bodies of two men killed in the attack. The two men killed are Saw Win Thein, 40 years old, from Ta U Kee village, and Doung Nyo, 26 years old, from Noh Ber Baw village. Saw Win Thein is the father of five children and Doung Nyo is the father of a 3-month old son. Doung Nyo was an FBR Thaton District team member from 2004 to 2006, until he was called by his leaders to head up his township administration office.
The Burma Army soldiers responsible for the killings are from Military Operations Command (MOC) 11, Light Infantry Battalion 220, from Mae Pray Kee.

God bless you,
Thaton Free Burma Rangers