FBR REPORT: Thousands of Refugees Flee Ler Per Her Camp as Burma Army Attack Begins
Karen State, Burma
6 June, 2009

Some 3,295 people have fled Ler Per Her camp as Burma Army and Democratic Karen Buddhist Army soldiers started the bombardment of the camp at 11.30am on June 6.

Hundreds of soldiers surround the camp which is on the Thai/Burma border north of Mae Sot and refugees are crossing the border into Tha Song Yang district in Tak province, Thailand, to escape the attack. Those in the camp had already fled attacks from the Burma Army in eastern Karen State numerous times and had established homes there, which now have to be abandoned.

Refugees fleeing Ler Per Her camp

Since October 2008 over 60 families have arrived in Ler Per Her, 40 of those from within the last week from Htee Per village. They fled because of Burma Army/DKBA activity and because the Burma Army was looking to recruit over 800 soldiers from the area. Soldiers have already arrested and forced villagers from Pa-an District and Myawaddi Township to porter supplies for this campaign. The attack is being led by Light Infantry Battalions 81, 201, 202 and 205, supported by some 300 soldiers from DKBA 999.

Those who have fled across the border are in Mae U Su, Noh Bo and Mae Salik and are in urgent need of shelter, medical assistance, food and clothing. An FBR team in association with Partners Relief and Development are bringing desperately needed supplies. So far PRAD has delivered 30 pots, 25 large tarps, mosquito repellant, food, rolls of plastic sheeting, two trucks of clothing and medicines for 200 cases of each of the following illnesses: malaria, diarrheal diseases, respiratory illnesses, wound care and painkillers. The leader of the camp confirmed that women and children had left the camp by June 5 leaving the older people and men. He asked for prayer for his people.